Press release of the deputy of Vendée Philippe Latombe [22 July 2022].

We share with you here the press release from Philippe Latombe, MP for Vendée, a specialist in digital sovereignty issues.
He comes back to the two French players who propose hybrid solutions, Sens for Thales-Google and Bleu for Orange-Capgemini-Microsoft. While he takes note of a welcome backtracking of Sens’ communication, he reminds us that the basic problem has not been resolved, hence his press release.


Press Release translation :

I was pleased to learn that S3NS had given up its confusing institutional communication, which consisted in pretending to be a trusted cloud, in the sense of the SecNumCloud qualification set up by the ANSSI for cloud operators, if you read it superficially. The string was a bit thick.

However, this welcome backtracking does not address the fundamental issues raised by the choice of the American cloud. First of all, while the commercial offer will not be operational before the second half of 2024, Thales and Google are prematurely announcing its future availability in order to, by their own admission, encourage customers to sign a hosting services contract based on Google Cloud, without the security and legal guarantees of the SecNumCloud qualification. In other words, a product that doesn’t exist yet: it’s virtual as hell!

There is also the question of immunity to extraterritorial legislation, in this case American, especially since the servers, if they belong to Thales, will be sold to it by Google, and will be placed in a data center operated by Google and with technical specifications imposed by Google, because they are necessary for the software to function correctly. If we add the impossibility of properly auditing the source code, we can, without being sickly suspicious, wonder who will really be the master of the data, even if it is encrypted… This is a question that makes… S3NS, precisely.



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