The Rendez-Vous of Economic Intelligence

Interview with Caroline Casalonga, Intellectual Property : what protection and why protect yourself ? [Tuesday, May 16, 2023]

Effisyn S.D.S. offers you a new edition of the Rendez-vous de l’Intelligence économique. In this episode, Caroline Casalonga explains Intellectual Property, the reasons to protect it, why and how to protect it. She discusses the pitfalls, the notion of a strong patent, and the strategy to be implemented as early as possible to protect one’s innovations, whether one is a start-up or a large, well-established company.
Too often ignored when creating a start-up, this key step is important and we hope that this interview with the dynamic director of Cabinet Casalonga, d’Avocats et Conseil en Propriété Intellectuelle will enlighten you and enable you to make the right decisions.



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