The digital Rendez-vous

Interview with digital expert David Fayon [June 29, 2023]

In this latest issue of Rendez-vous du numérique d’Effisyn SDS , we’re featuring an interview with digital expert David Fayon, author of several books, including the two most recently published in 2022: “Pro en réseaux sociaux”, Fayon & Vuibert and “La transformation digitale pour tous!”, Fayon & Pearson. You can also find numerous articles on his Blog.
In this interview, we discuss industrial, digital and agricultural sovereignty, digital technology and its societal impacts and challenges, innovation and its necessity for reindustrialization, while taking into account the ecological and ethical impacts that lie ahead.
A rich and dense interview that attempts to paint a balanced and nuanced path of action.
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#Sovereignty #digital #ethics #innovation

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