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3D printing, a path for industry relocation

L’impression 3D, cela fait plusieurs années que cette technologie émergente fait parler d’elle. De nombreux cas d’usage ont démontré sa plus-value. Cependant elle n’a pas encore transformé de façon drastique notre façon de produire. La pandémie Covid-19 va-t-elle accélérer un processus déjà enclenché ?

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Environment et Energy

When innovation can solve the plastics waste problem

Faced with environmental challenges, many debates are taking place on the need to review our model of society and in particular our consumption model. In this article, we will not touch on the thorny ideological debate, which encloses each camp in the feeling that only it holds the truth.

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Hydrogen, the energy of tomorrow

Energy has always been a major issue of sovereignty. Environmental problems, technological and scientific advances will eventually allow us to get rid of fossil fuels, even if this change will be much longer than we might wish.

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Digital Transformation

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