Emmanuel Mawet 

Founder of the site and main author, I created this blog to deal with the issues of Digital Sovereignty, a subject that I gradually widened to technological innovations, the two being ultimately often interdependent.

This desire to share with you my knowledge and my convictions for these subjects comes from my atypical professional career. With a scientific background, I started my career in the field of clinical research. My natural curiosity led me to set up computer tools to optimize the monitoring of this activity. After ten years I crossed the Rubicon to take charge of IT project management. For twelve years now, I have been working and learning about IT themes, which have now become “digital”.

Currently IT project manager in a consulting structure, I also personally support start-ups, by investing time and / or money.

This experience allowed me to study and participate in, or even undergo, this digital evolution and its practical implications: technologies, methodologies, etc. It must be noted that, caught in the whirlwind of this transformation, we do not always take time to step back and reflect on the consequences, in the medium and long term, of our choices, both personal and professional.

I hope that reading the articles offered on this blog will help you to change your outlook on these themes, to take managerial ‘risks’ so as not to simply be in the ‘me too’ that I observe too often, everything by professing to be in search of disruptive innovation. I hope you enjoy reading these articles as much as I had writing them …

We are looking for contributors who are interested in contributing to the discussion on the impact of digital technology on our lives and the issue of digital sovereignty. Do not hesitate to contact us at contact@effisyn.com