The Digital and Technological Sovereignty Blog

Welcome to this blog dealing with digital sovereignty but not only!

It’s been a while since I wish to share with you on these themes that are close to my heart. Digital sovereignty or breakthrough innovations are crucial for our economy and therefore our jobs but also for the defense of our model of society.

The objective of the publication of these articles is to share with you the incredible vitality of innovation in France or in Europe, and to show that the supremacy of large American or Chinese technological companies is not necessarily inevitable!

We must be consumer-actor, by our strategy of choice, personal or professional, there are alternative ways adapted to our needs, without excluding recourse either to large players. But by making our choices in an informed way

It depends on us!

I would also like to have a few occasional authors join me to have different points of view on the subject, even to compare our opinions, because it is through debate that the truth is built …

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