The Covid-19 pandemic should not make us forget the question of our Digital Sovereignty!

Why talk about Corona virus in a blog focused on Digital Sovereignty? No report you say?

Alas, yes! Faced with the pandemic, we can see that one of the French government recommendations is to use telework as much as possible for companies and trades for which it is possible.

This is a boon that Gafams do not want to pass up, and we see flourishing on social networks Tweeter © and LinkedIn © advertisements for the most famous collaborative platforms: Microsoft Team, Google, with attractive offers, which they can afford to offer given their size. But then you will become a prisoner!

I would like to remind you that there are alternative solutions, French and concerned with the protection of your data and not dependent on American laws, for example the Wimi solution, but this is probably not the only one. But the concept is elegant, the different options clear. A functional evaluation of this solution is in progress, but the handling is easy, to follow…

Similarly to secure your instant communications, think of Olvid, for secure exchanges of documents (contracts, etc.) you also have Oodrive

In conclusion, do not let the urgency of the pandemic make you make hasty decisions, think that your decisions today will impact your Information System and that readjusting afterwards can be costly. If your digital sovereignty is part of your strategy, take the time to evaluate the alternative solutions.

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