ALERT – Ukraine: a Digital War led by Russia could paralyze VSEs – SMEs – SMIs – Industries but also our town halls and other institutions.

Ukrainian army soldiers ride a tank on a road near where pro-Russian separatists fired heavy artillery, on the outskirts of the key southeastern port city of Mariupol, on September 5, 2014. Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels agreed on September 5 on ceasefire aimed at halting nearly five months of war that plunged relations between Russia and the West into their worst crisis since the Cold War. AFP PHOTO/PHILIPPE DESMAZES

War is at Europe’s doorstep. Russia has attacked Ukraine with not only an impressive conventional army, but with a large-scale cyber attack and dormant attack elements

implanted in the Ukrainian information architecture weeks or months ago.

The objective is to destroy all data (#wiper). If these attacks take place in the virtual world, they have major effects on the real world, destruction of communication means, loss of data of administrations (civil status, etc…)

It is urgent to prepare ourselves, since the opening of the Ukrainian front, the Russian cyber-combatants, have taken Europe and France as targets! The attacks increase every day in an exponential way!

Almost 92% of our companies or institutions are not prepared for such a scenario! We must act immediately.

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