Serenicity the start-up that makes cybersecurity accessible to all

Source : Effisyn SDS

With the risk of cyberattack by Russia due to the hybrid conflict in Ukraine, the risk for our VSEs, SMEs, ICTs, craftsmen and our local authorities has never been so important.

For each of these professionals the digital has become central, is not sufficiently understood and the actions of digital hygiene sometimes neglected.
Faced with what awaits us, true to our principles, we put forward sovereign solutions from French publishers.
Today we find Cyrille Elsen who presents cybersecurity products allowing to protect you and especially accessible to everyone in terms of use and cost.
Do not hesitate to go on the site ( to get more information.
We wish to highlight the different quality actors who will allow you to find the solution(s) adapted to your needs.
Have a good viewing

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