Cybersecurity ALERT – Faced with the explosion of cyber risk, what simple measures can be taken by our VSEs/SMEs, Associations and Local Authorities

Source : Effisyn SDS

In this new show, Smartrezo and Effisyn SDS have two French digital actors react to the explosion of cyber risk related to the digital transformation at forced march linked to the pandemic, all embellished with the


Ukrainian crisis and the Russians who use the Cyber as a digital war field.
Faced with these major risks, which could harm our economic fabric, which is based on many VSEs/SMEs but also local authorities and associations, it seemed important to us once again to present French digital actors who are able to explain good practices and especially to show that it is not necessary to go and equip themselves with large and expensive solutions, but that there are solutions adapted to their needs that do not sacrifice the quality of the proposed solutions.


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