Source: PlayFranceDigital

Subject: Open letter to the presidential candidates



Ladies and Gentlemen, candidates for the Presidency of the Republic,


The “Privacy Shield 2” between Europe and the United States concerning the transfer of French data outside the territory is about to enter into force. As the US extraterritorial legislation (allowing the CIA or NSA to access your data) is still in force, this agreement in principle is therefore a serious breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The conditions that led the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to invalidate the previous Privacy Shield as well as Safe Harbor are the same conditions that are present today for Privacy Shield 2. To ignore this is to jeopardize the regalian and civil integrity of European citizens.

Therefore, the collective PlayFranceDigital, urges you to take a position on the subject, as well as to provide answers to the following questions:

  • Has France given its mandate, like the other countries of the European Union, to the President of the Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen for this negotiation?
  • Can you guarantee the protection of French data against any commercial exchange with a third state, such as a possible exchange for American gas?
  • Do you take full responsibility for endangering the data sector, a huge part of the French economy now and in the future? If so, what legal mention is made of this guarantor status?
  • Are you aware that by enacting the Privacy Shield 2, any French citizen or company whose data has been transferred without explicit consent will be able, under the GDPR, to file a complaint against the organizations concerned?
  • Do you realize that if these organizations choose not to use the data of citizens and companies, they will be entitled to charge for their services?


Data is the key to the French strategic autonomy in perdition. The adoption of this law would be a fatal blow. For the digital, technological, military, industrial and geostrategic sovereignty, we ask you, Madam, Sir, to open a collective debate.

As candidates to the presidential elections, we hope to see you take your position on the subject so that the voters, on April 10th and 24th, can decide in all conscience.


Le collectif PlayFranceDigital,

Pierre Baudracco (BlueMind) Patrick De Carvalho (Apps Velocity) Gérard Dupin (Taho !) David Fayon, Michaël Ferrec (Inspeere) Alain Garnier (Jamespot) Frans Imbert-Vier (UBcom) Michel Lecomte (Smartrezo) Jacques Le Gousse (Majalog) Emmanuel Mawet (Effisyn SDS) Raphaël Richard (Neodia) Olivier Robert (Big Success) Jean-Jacques Urban-Galindo (Urban-Galindo Conseil) Aurélien Violet (Enix)


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