Les Rendez-vous du Numérique Interview with Marc Longo on the QWANT affair, a new state scandal?

Source : Effisyn SDS

In this long interview Marc Longo, director and founder of the Société Nouvelle de l’Annuaire Français, testifies on the #Qwant affair and the intellectual swindle it represents, without omitting serious questions on the financial aspects which raise many questions.



This file that I already had the opportunity to mention in an article on April 7 (here), whose main parts were a compilation provided by Marc Longo. This same file was transmitted on March 27 to Pierre Moscovici, president of the Cours des Comptes, as well as to the whole of the national representation. One cannot say that it had the opportunity to create many reactions. I must confess that it is the same on the side of the catch, even after having “tagged” them on social networks…

Yet the revelations are explosive and highlight a way of governing that we thought of the past!

Some people will see it as a stinking ball at the end of the campaign, but I invite you to make your own opinion! Next Sunday’s elections are important, the future of our country is at stake, as well as the possibility to really rebuild our independence and a true digital sovereignty.

Faced with the revelations, all our indignations on many recent issues such as the Health Data Hub with #Microsoft, or the BPI and the choice of #aws and even the SNCF with also the choice of #aws are probably to be reviewed in the light of these revelations …

If you want our country to be able to reindustrialize, to seize the digital revolution to its advantage, take the time to watch this interview, and make your own opinion!


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