Interview with Michel Lecomte of Smartrezo

Smartrezo, where are we? What's new? Michel Lecomte gives us his vision

In this video Michel Lecomte gives us a progress report on the #smartrezo adventure. A clear and uncompromising assessment, and especially a vision of the future of the most interesting and relevant. It is also the occasion for him to push a blow of “gueule” on the difficulty that the whole of the actors of the numerical to put in practice the hunting in pack, but also the administration or the associated organizations which play against the national interest.


The most blatant example is that the #CCI refuse to put forward French solutions that would be an unacceptable commercial approach, however it does not shock to favor all American players!

In any case on the Social Networks aspect, we have a small Gallic village which makes resistance, the Breton origins of Michel Lecomte, are probably not foreign!


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