Digital Editorial - November 07, 2022

Why does digital sovereignty remain a subject in the hands of experts? This is indeed one of the questions I ask myself. As for everything that is discussed around sovereignty, the discourse is not very much taken up by the national written, TV or digital media… Why does nobody take hold of a subject that nevertheless concerns us all?

I see two major aspects. The first one, simply comes from the concept of sovereignty itself, in fact it is not very popular in France and is marked quite negatively by the media elite, because it is intimately linked to the concept of nation.

But the second axis that I see is much more worrying. It is the almost absolute hegemony of the American digital giants over online advertising, and their financial clout that allows them to launch large TV campaigns (meta advertising). This hegemony in the data collected for marketing and commercial uses, which our big media need, probably prevents them from an offensive approach to #gafam, let alone questions around the neighboring right…

These two factors sadden and revolt me, because at the risk of repeating myself, Digital Sovereignty is also a way to defend our cultural model, to defend our strategic autonomy, but especially our jobs and our ability to innovate!


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