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Effisyn-SDS and the collective PlayFranceDigital and several co-signatories of French digital actors, publish this open letter to the CCI and their “troubled” relationship with #Google and other #gafam, and the disproportionate place that is given to them in the training programs to digital tools compared to French actors. This is an unfair distortion of competition.


Open Letter to the CCI [13th November 2022]

English translation

Open Letter to the CCI

Effisyn SDS as an information site on Digital Sovereignty and the collective PlayFrance.Digital collective of French digital actors publish this open letter.
We all agree that specific budgets should be earmarked to improve and promote the digital transition of our entire economic fabric (SMEs / VSEs / SMIs) of our territories in connection with other local actors and decision makers.
However, we cannot accept that this use of public funds is done almost exclusively for the benefit of the American (GAFAM) and now Chinese (BATHX) digital giants. As a reminder, the laws of these countries make our legal framework (RGPD) inoperative.
We remind you that these foreign digital actors literally plunder our data, health data, geolocation data, navigation data, etc. For the record, this is a market worth several billion euros.

It is purely and simply an unacceptable act of undermining the French economic fabric, of which the digital actors are a part. It is however your responsibility to protect them and to allow their growth.
As we cannot accept that this situation continues, we propose to take the necessary actions before the competent authorities, so that this unfair competition stops.
In parallel to these actions, we are at the disposal of Mr. Di Crescenzo to propose to start discussions to find a long term solution that will allow French digital actors to work in the interest of our economic fabric and the associated jobs.
It is time for French public actors, administrations or organizations to get their act together and find a minimum of common sense for a creation of value more favorable to the economic fabric led by the CCI!
We hope that this appeal will not go unanswered.

Emmanuel Mawet                                                       Alain Garnier

Effisyn-SDS                                                                    PlayFranceDigital


Co-signataires : Michel Lecomte (Smartrezo), Gaëlle Laborie (AssoTvLocale), Alain Garnier (Jamespot), Thomas Faure (Whaller), Michael Ferrec (Inspeere), Jean-Roch Cousinier (KloudIci), Luc d’Urso (ATempo), Luc Bretones (Mandarina / NextGen), Benjamin André (Cozy), Frans Imbert-vier (UBcom), David Fayon (conseiller F2R2 et Titan Datacenter), François Caron ( et Marc Olivier (HIA Secure) Eric Quesson (CQFD) Raynald Wauters (eMana)


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