Digital Editorial – November 21th, 2022

This morning, I would like to come back to an announcement of great nonsense It is this announcement of #Snowflake on BFMTV (Video), which announces the creation of a sovereign cloud with #aws (Amazon)!

I find this statement extremely inappropriate and a perfect example of the misuse of terms. Indeed the boss of Snowflake, forgive me the expression, takes us for hams! If the 4 elements he mentions according to his market study, he forgets one essential and major one, which makes that any offer that does not meet it cannot claim to be French sovereignty, it is the immunity of the offer to the American extraterritorial laws! Now, if you work with Amazon, you are subject to American laws.

Its sovereign cloud offer is indeed sovereign, but under American sovereignty!

The conclusion is obvious, when we look at the interview, where it clearly appears his difficulty to judge the real sovereignty, and the way he tries to sweep the legal aspect which is indeed the major concern that everyone must have in mind, cases like #Alstom have demonstrated … This is purely a marketing operation, which aims in fact to deceive companies on the real and major legal risks they incur in using American cloud players, or Chinese with a French makeup!


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