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Digital Rendez-vous: Apizee by Michel L'hostis

In this new program, we would like to introduce you to a French and sovereign player in the field of communication as a service platforms (PCAAS), which offers videoconferencing solutions that can be adapted to specific uses. Michel L’Hostis, its CEO and Founder, talks to us about the #Apizee adventure, but also about digital sovereignty, and the stakes in the economic war that is raging and about which little is said.
Once again, we seek to highlight French digital players, small, medium or large, to counterbalance the hegemonic presence of the #gafam who do everything to kill any possibility of competition.

Monopolistic positions are never good for users, and moreover we have real nuggets in our ecosystem (mapping)! Don’t hesitate to make your own opinion and try solutions that develop their technologies in France, that create jobs there and that pay their taxes unlike #gafam or #batx!
So if you decide to play in the French team?

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