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Les Rendez-vous du numérique : eMana by Raynald Wauters

In this new interview of the “Rendez-vous du numérique” proposed by Effisyn SDS, I have the pleasure to receive Raynald Wauters who presents us eMana, his intelligent email. In this interview we show once again that France has talent irrigated by its regional talents!
Raynald tells us how his past experience allowed him to make an observation and to bring to a need not answered by the current solutions.
The role of entrepreneur is difficult, not all succeed, that’s why he also talks to us about 60000 rebonds, this association that supports all those entrepreneurs who know the pain of having to close their doors. It is important to remember that allowing them to bounce back means reviving the local economic fabric and allowing the re-creation of an economic activity and the associated job creation.
I hope this interview will interest you!
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