Digital Editorial – December 13th, 2022

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the European regulatory provisions regarding the cloud, and the necessary independence from U.S. extra-territorial laws.
This would prevent Europe from having full access to the offers of the global giants, translate the gafam. It goes even further, threatening retaliatory measures if such measures are adopted (
Silicon – 2 Dec 22).
Americans do not like it when we use the same tools as them… Protectionism is only valid when the US protects itself. It is unacceptable for the European colony to try to gain any autonomy whatsoever!
It is time we decided to take our destiny in our own hands, and refuse to be the lackeys of our American “allies” and especially their economic outlets to pour their products and services (digital or otherwise) without giving us the opportunity to exchange even on an equal footing! It is time for the cellar to rebel!

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