Digital Editorial – December 21th, 2022

The time of the Christmas break is coming. First of all I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. I propose this last editorial of the year of 2022 in terms of an assessment of digital and our reclaiming of our sovereignty.
2022 has first of all seen the birth of a Ministry of Industrial and Digital Sovereignty! This is a first positive sign in favor of our fight for sovereignty.
The whole year has been punctuated by actions of the different actors of the French digital industry via one of the collectives or in a more individual way…
Announcements were made concerning the banning of O365 and Google Digital Workplace solutions in the administrations of the administrations which were concretized by the announcements in this direction of the Ministry of Education, thanks to the mobilization of Philippe Latombe, deputy very in point on these subjects.
We had the announcement of the creation of a real sovereign and trusted cloud: Numpost (Docapost – Outscale – Bouygues) which is a new step in the right direction.
We have published an open letter to the CCI and we will see what will probably come out of it in 2023…
But there are still some serious warning points:
The US Chamber of Commerce is threatening Europe with retaliation if US scalers are excluded de facto from certain markets…
Ursula Van Der Leyen has sold our data in exchange for American gas, this is a serious matter to watch closely.
If 2022 gives us reasons to hope for progress in the field of digital sovereignty, it is imperative not to lower our guard and to continue the fight!

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