Digital Editorial – January 9th, 2023

I would like to wish all those who follow me through my publications and interviews, a very nice year 2023 and all my wishes of health and success in your personal or professional undertakings!

bonne année 2023

From a digital and sovereignty point of view, what can we expect in 2023? I will share with you some of my intuitions.
First of all, concerning the digital world:
– The year 2022 ended on the ChatGPT buzz, so we can expect new upheavals in the competition between OpenAI vs Google, to be continued…
– The year 2022 has seen an increasing number of crises and the latest one, the energy crisis could upset our economy by imposing energy sobriety… An opportunity to see the development of decentralized solutions and low energy consumption?
– Setting up a responsible digital, several initiatives will be interesting to follow, because of the paradigm shift they propose, whether in the field of infrastructure (KloudIci, Tresorio) or in the field of social networks (Smartrezo, Qwice, Mastodon), cybersecurity (HIASecure, Serenicity) and many others…
– Cybersecurity still and always, the storm of cyber attack of our hospitals is the most obvious sign, but what about the under-equipment of our VSEs, SMEs, SMIs and SMIs….
On sovereignty:
– If the appearance of solid players in the sovereign cloud like #postnum, is an encouraging sign, we will have to monitor the direct applications and the future … Will we see the “Health Data Hub” migrate to #postnum in 2023, it only knows time!
– However, there are still reasons to be worried, as the Americans continue to shop for European or French nuggets in the most complete indifference of the government, as the passage under the American flag of Exxelia demonstrates…
There are many other things to say, but these 6 elements seem to me to show both reasons to hope, but also to worry about the themes of digital and industrial sovereignty. But there are reasons to hope, because many nuggets of our French digital ecosystem offer innovative solutions with a certain added value!
All my encouragement to the French digital actors!



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