Digital Editorial – January 25th, 2023

There is one area of digital transformation that has yet to break through in a big way. However, in my opinion, all the ingredients are there to make it the spearhead of the new industrial revolution, especially in terms of production methods: 3D printing.
However, despite all the promises that these technologies seem to offer, we are in 2023, and the use of these technologies remains anecdotal or experimental. This paradox, according to Polytrechnique-insight, is linked to the fact that the use of machine-software is still too complex, and if they represent qualities sought after in industry, they are of little interest to individuals and therefore 3D printing would remain restricted to specific areas.
However, despite these reservations, I think that these technologies could help us to meet the challenge of reindustrialization in France. Indeed, wouldn’t it be counterproductive to want to reindustrialize on a past model? Shouldn’t we focus on new approaches, centering this reindustrialization around new digital technologies to facilitate the implementation of 3D printing?
This technology allows us to move from impersonal mass production to a smaller but personalized production that consumes less of our resources. Isn’t this one of the keys for us to bring in 2023 an embryonic response to the crises we face? Promising moreover to direct us towards a more responsible production and consumption?


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