Digital Editorial – February 1st, 2023

For this weekly editorial, I wanted to focus on the fact that our regions have talent! Especially in the digital field. We have many initiatives that enrich our digital ecosystem with innovative ideas not only on technological aspects, but also on how to rethink the model. I am thinking in particular of KloudIci (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region), which proposes to decentralize the cloud approach by proposing clusters of mirco-clouds… I am also thinking of the social network media platform Smartrezo (Tarn & Garonne) which wants to put digital technology back at the service of human beings and of the economic development of the territories.
Of course we can’t forget Lexistems (Laval region) which uses AI to facilitate the search for information (documents, videos, etc.) for a company or institution. We also have Bluemind (Tarn & Garonne), a European player in collaborative work, or Global Smart Rescue (Tarn & Garonne), which offers solutions for maintaining a communication network in a territory under natural or industrial disaster. We also have Serenicity (Auvergne Rhône Alpes), which proposes to make high-level cybersecurity available to everyone, and Inspeere (Nouvelle Aquitaine), which offers a decentralized and secure backup solution. We also have video conferencing players such as Apizee (Laval), or eMana which offers intelligent messaging (Aix-en-Provence) and many others…
Yes, our territories have talent, and I think it is important to rely on them in order to rethink our organization, our operating methods and revitalize all of our territories, especially by reindustrializing them!

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