March 13th, 2023

The geopolitical context is changing, crises follow one another: pandemic, war in Ukraine, economic crisis, climate crisis. All these elements confront us with a reality that we would like to avoid looking at. Our political and economic leaders, blinded by the promises of infinite prosperity, especially for themselves, have forgotten that people have a history, whether we like it or not, and that the fractures on the lines of old empires will eventually be reawakened. This blindness, particularly prevalent in France, has resulted in a patent de-industrialization, with industry representing less than 10% of our GDP, and by cowardice we have left entire sections of our decision-making power (sovereignty) to supra-state institutions or trade agreements.
When we talk about Digital Sovereignty, it is important to remember these elements, with moreover established empires (US) or in the making (China) which have not forgotten the importance of their independence and of an aggressive economic and cultural policy to keep or conquer a hegemony on the world. Action of which we are unfortunately too often the victim, with the consequence of endemic unemployment and an anemic economy.
We cannot talk about digital sovereignty, without ignoring all the parameters to be taken into account, digital sovereignty is only one of the components and results of the other elements where we have lost our sovereignty. We could, moreover, speak of strategic autonomy rather than sovereignty, these are mixed concepts.
For all these reasons, Effisyn S.D.S. is going to widen its focus to all these questions of geostrategic autonomy, even if its backbone remains digital.
We are of course open to any contribution you may wish to make and any support through partnership in order to allow this transformation and to allow our growth which will allow us to reach the objective of being one of the reference actors on this reflection.



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