Les Rendez-Vous de l'Intelligence Économique

Interview with Vincent Balouet []

Effisyn S.D.S.offers you the second edition of the Rendez-Vous de l’Intelligence Économique. We welcome Vincent Balouet who talks about risk management and crisis management []. What are the main risks faced by all entrepreneurs? What is their level of preparation? What measures should be implemented?
These are the main questions that are addressed in a simple and clear way! In addition, we share a beautiful experience that honors our strengths too often ignored! Yes, it is possible to build new industrial and economic forces by stopping thinking only of the metropolis, but to think of the whole of our national territory which extends to the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean! They can and must play a leading role!
#digitalsovereignty #industrialsovereignty #territories #ultramarine territories


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