Interview with Jean-Marie Cavada

"The impact of digital technology on daily life as a citizen and professional"

We are back with a new issue of “Rendez-vous du Numérique” produced by Effisyn S.D.S. and hosted by Emmanuel Mawet.
In this new issue, we have the pleasure to receive Jean-Marie Cavada who, after having been a great journalist, media man and then politician, now presides over the Institute of Fundamental Rights of the Digital (IDFRights).
This exchange allowed us to discuss different topics:

The impact of digital technology on journalism and the way we conceive our profession
Being a citizen in a digital world, what are the stakes?
Digital sovereignty, why is it an important concept?
Societal disruption, AI, what is at stake?

It is important to remember that “what is forbidden in real life must also be forbidden in the digital space”
Enjoy watching, feel free to react!
#IDFRights #digitalsovereignty #ia #citizenship

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