The Rendez-Vous of the News

Energy, Industrialization, where are we?

By Loïk Le Floch Prigent

l'actu photo 202304

In this second issue of the Rendez-vous de l’Actu proposed by Effisyn SDS, we have the chance to receive Mr. Loïk Le Floch Prigent, one of our great captains of industry, who militates for a rehabilitation of the industry in France, and that we take the right decisions so that the French economy can finally benefit from the renewal of its industry. However, between the speeches of politicians and our government and the reality on the ground, there seems to be a cognitive dissonance…
So between the speech on the control of the energy crisis, and the reindustrialization and the reality, to each one to make its idea according to the arguments to advance! To watch and share!


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