The Digital Rendez-vous

William Méauzoone talk about Leviia


Effisyn SDS brings you a new issue of “Rendez-vous du numérique“. In this interview, William Méauzoone tells us about the Leviia adventure. Once again, we have proof that our French digital entrepreneurs are capable of producing relevant solutions that meet users’ needs without their solutions being more expensive than their American competitors.
This is a message I’m trying to pass on to you, when you have a need for an application solution, take the time to analyze it, look at what is being done here in France or even in your regions, you will be surprised! Not only will you find sustainable solutions in terms of functionality and cost, but you will also create a virtuous circle for our economy and our jobs. What if we change the paradigm?
Watch the show to discover Leviia, the personal or professional cloud storage solution.
#digitalsovereignty #economicbenefits #frenchtech

Broadcast produced in partnership with Smartrezo and Jamespot


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