The Digital Rendez-vous

Interviw of Pascal Vautrin de Dignilog [15 June 23]

In this latest episode of Rendez-Vous du Numérique by Effisyn SDS, Pascal Vautrin tells us why he created Dignilog. It’s with great pleasure that we allow a player committed to the protection of our data to take the floor and explain what led him to propose these analyses and explanations for the benefit of all. We’ll discover that even without intention, some sites are trapped by the use of APIs (Automatic Platform Interfaces) from third-party platforms, notably video platforms (Vimeo, Youtube, DailyMotion, etc.), which collect your data without your consent (or that of the sites in question?) and for unexplained purposes…
A fascinating interview that I invite you to watch, and don’t hesitate to subscribe to Dignilog afterwards, as the information provided is both valuable and useful!
#dataprotection #grpd #trackers #beacons #coockies

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