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Interview with Fabien Bouglé : Energy crisis: what does Siemens Energy's announcement change?

fabien bougle

In this new production by Effisyn S.D.S., broadcast on the Smartrezo social networking media platform, Fabien Bouglé takes part in a wide-ranging interview on the energy crisis and the reasons behind it, as well as issues relating to our energy sovereignty. He discusses the various components of this crisis, the economic war being waged on us by Germany, and events that are likely to reshuffle the cards on the question of renewable energies. Siemens Energy, the world’s second-largest producer of wind turbines, is in dire straits, due to structural quality problems in its industrial process. On top of this, China, the world’s leading producer of solar panels, is in the process of banning export sales of the machine tools used to manufacture them, and is taking decisions to ban or restrict exports of rare earths such as galidium, or even rare metals such as permanent magnets, which are essential to the wind turbine industry…
As Fabien Bouglé points out in his forthcoming book “Guerre de l’énergie – Au coeur du nouveau conflit mondial”, in the 21st century, energy is becoming the key to understanding geopolitical issues and future conflicts…
In this interview, he raises some interesting and pertinent questions, which may not please everyone, but facts are sometimes stubborn…
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