Smartrezo's Indiscretions

Interview with Jean-Marie Cavada

Smartrezo, the French social networking media platform without tracers, brings you a new program, “Les Indiscrétions de Smartrezo“, produced by Effisyn SDS.
In this first issue, we have Jean-Marie Cavada, President of IDF Rignts, reacting to the inconsistencies of the European Commission, which has been particularly vocal on two points in recent days.
– The first is the validation of the Privacy Framework (capture and potential exploitation of private data of Europeans for the benefit of Americans), which confirms the adequacy between American and European law, despite the opposition of European parliamentarians!
– The second episode is even more symptomatic: the appointment of the American Fiona Scott Morton, a well-known lobbyist for #gafam, to the Economic Directorate of the Competition Commission, in violation of the European rules which had been modified precisely for this person. It is not normally possible to recruit non-Europeans to such a position!
Fiona Scott Morton has decided to withdraw her candidacy.
In a recent press release, the European Commissioner for Competition expressed the hope that Fiona Scott Morton would be able to continue working on the other side of the Atlantic for a rapprochement… This press release remains an admission of acceptance of American entryism and the advanced vassalization of Europe by the US…
Such polemics and behavior are weakening the European Commission, and this is a source of concern for Jean-Marie Cavada.
A short, punchy speech, a must-listen, and a call for a European parliamentary commission of inquiry to be relayed and massively supported!
Many questions about the motivations behind these recent decisions require serious clarification!
#ethics #centrism #ingerences #sovereignty

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