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Program produced by Effisyn S.D.S. broadcast and hosted on Smartrezo.

Energy transition in Europe by Damien Ernst

Photo Damien Ernst

We’re back with another edition of Rendez-vous de l’Actu, produced by Effisyn S.D.S. and broadcast and hosted on Smartrezo. In this wide-ranging interview, we are pleased to discuss the decarbonization of electricity production in Europe, and of course the question of our energy sovereignty. Pr. Damien Ernst from the Université de Liège tackles this fascinating and topical issue without taboos or double talk.
He gives us his vision of the problems and challenges we face at European level, the damage caused by the German attitude to nuclear power and its irrational aspects in the fight to decarbonize our energy in Europe.
Once again, in this program broadcast via the French digital media social network platform Smartrezo, we try to offer our listeners as many programs as possible, so that they can find keys to reading and understanding the major issues facing us in a complex world, where geopolitical stakes are once again at the center of the game, jeopardizing our economy, our culture and our sovereignty…
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