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Sabotage in motion!

According to our information, during the current debate in the French National Assembly on the SREN (Sécuriser et Réguler l’Espace Numérique – Securing and Regulating the Digital Space) text, the presidential party (Renaissance), through one of its deputies, is proposing an amendment aimed at deleting Article 10 bis A proposed by the Senate.

This article was aimed at protecting our digital sovereignty by specifying certain provisions to protect us from American cloud providers and the extraterritoriality of American law.

It was an important text to protect our industry from American economic imperialism on the one hand, and to protect all citizens from the misuse of their personal data on the other.

If this amendment passes, it will be a real stab in the back! Once again, there is a risk of French (and European) interests being betrayed for the greater benefit of American interests, and this seems to contradict even the speech made by Digital Minister Jean-Noël Barrot in his introduction to the Universités d’été de la Cybersécurité et du Cloud de Confiance organized by Hexatrust on Tuesday!

I hope that this deletion amendment will be rejected, as we all need to mobilize to show that we will not accept to let MPs, even if they are from the majority, sabotage our country’s industrial and digital sovereignty! What’s at stake is our strategic autonomy, our future economic development and, consequently, our future skilled jobs!

It’s our responsibility as citizens to react! No, let’s not let these politicians sabotage our digital industry as they did with nuclear power!

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