As you know, the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) entered into force on May 25, 2018 in order to strengthen the protection of personal data, that is to say any information relating to a physical person. This new regulation gives us the opportunity to recall that has always had the priority to keep the personal data of its contacts in the strictest respect for their confidentiality and to use them exclusively in a relationship process. The site, is an information site hosted on o2switch using WordPress, the owner of which is Emmanuel Mawet.
The purpose of this data protection policy is to inform you of the commitments and practical measures taken by Effisyn S.D.S., in order to ensure the respect of your personal data. This confidentiality policy may evolve depending on the legal and regulatory context and the doctrine of the NCDP (National Commission for Data Protection).

  1. Data collected

www.effisyn-sds directly collects only the personal data strictly necessary with regard to the purpose for which they are processed (data minimization). We essentially collect data that you have transmitted to us as authors (surname, first name, email address function, photos,) in order to be able to manage the management of your publications and with the aim of ensuring the authorship of the articles that are sent to us. entrusted. We also collect through the platform the email contact details of our readers who subscribe to our newsletter.

Some features of (content sharing on social networks Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, direct playback of videos hosted by You Tube) are based on services offered by third-party sites. These functionalities set cookies allowing in particular these sites to trace your navigation. These cookies are only placed if you give your consent. If cookies bother you, you can deactivate them by installing a free extension on your Internet browser such as Ghostery for example. Ghostery is available for all major browsers (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer) and also exists as an application for mobiles (Android and iPhone). It is free and by default, it does not record any information about its users to protect your privacy. Download Ghostery and install it on the browser you are using. You then have two options: either deactivate cookies for all the websites you visit, or choose in real time the cookies you want to block or allow.

  1. Purpose of the data collection

The processing implemented by responds to an explicit, legitimate and determined purpose. Your data is processed mainly for the following purposes:

  • The management of your subscription to newsletters in order to allow you to receive our publications and to inform you of the update of the confidentiality conditions and the confidentiality policy of our site;
  • The management of your comments on in order to be able to post a comment on our blog and to inform you of the update of the confidentiality conditions and the confidentiality policy of our site;
  • The management of our contact form in order to be able to respond to your request and to inform you of the update of the confidentiality conditions and the confidentiality policy of our site.
  1. Your rights respects your right to access, modify or request the deletion of your personal data. We also take all necessary measures to ensure that the personal data we collect is accurate and up to date. As such you have the right to know the personal data that we keep about you and we will provide you, within 24 hours, on request, a copy of this data. Finally, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data.
For this purpose you can contact us at the following mailbox:

  1. The limited period of data storage

Any personal data having a specific lifespan, the site will only use and store your personal data for a period strictly necessary for the purpose for which it was collected and in accordance with requirements imposed by law.

  1. Security

The site ensures the security of your personal data by implementing data protection reinforced by the use of physical and logical security means.

  1. Recipients of your data

The site does not communicate your personal data without your agreement unless this communication is based on a legal obligation. The recipients of your personal data are only members of the European law team and insofar as this is strictly necessary.