Goodbye Facebook, Messenger et WhatsApp

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Many will say but what the devil fly stung him!

Although not of the millenium generation, I was not the last to use, abuse (?) Social networks. What was the spirit of this radical approach to say the least.

This approach is built on two main motivations: my data, and the very functioning of the platform (algorithms used to present the news feeds …)

The data

Late awareness would you say?

 Not necessarily, because for a very long time I had created a Facebook account only to make sure of my “digital image” could not be tarnished, by a namesake … So I thought to master the beast … But over for years, little by little we get used to using it, posting articles (which are not necessarily of interest), ‘liking’ posts from friends or famous strangers, and starting to post photos … All these actions generate data, and by their cross-referencing allow you to get a fairly precise idea of ​​who you are, your tastes and appetites and even your political opinions …

The first reaction that many of my interlocutors have, is: “and then, I have nothing to hide!”, Reaction that I myself had at the start. But let’s take a step back, because what are the uses that could have been made of your data? Here are some examples which are not exhaustive:

  • The first use which is made of your data, potentially comes from your non mastery of the rules of confidentiality, the recruiters can access the data which you do not protect! A photo that seemed fun, can become a real burden when applying in certain companies or administration …
  • The photos, the messages we post are content that we agree to share with Facebook (Terms of use)
  • These same data which are then sold or used by third parties … How do you think Clearview (Usine Digitale) could have built up a reference database for facial recognition?
  • It was the first motivation that made me withdraw from Facebook, messenger and today from WhatsApp. Yes because WhatsApp, although claiming to be end-to-end encrypted, has some security vulnerabilities as shown in recent publications (dailygeekshow).


This is the second important point that made me make the decision to leave Facebook. Indeed on this point Messenger, and WhatsApp are less concerned.

The way the algorithm works remains problematic, even if there are ways to get around it (Danilo Duchesnes) …

More generally, my experience with the use of Facebook over the last few months of use has led me to note the following points:

  • Difficulty discovering new subjects, feeling of spinning in a loop
  • Very easy to stay endogamous which does not open up to new possibilities
  • Communitarian temptation, I identify myself as part of a group (whatever this group)
  • In addition, depending on the subjects, such as politics, there is an exacerbated violence in the comments …

In conclusion

It’s a real liberation in the literal sense, no longer being more or less ‘stuck’ to your app is enjoyable! This also makes it possible to take distance from everything that can circulate on this type of platform. The next step, quit Tweeter?

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