Olvid, the young French Start-up who is attacking the American giants!

Source: Olvid

Just 1 year ago, #Olvid, this instant messaging application was only known to a few insiders. However in recent months, how far has it come, this Start-up hosted by Platform 58, claiming the title of ‘Safest Messaging in the world’ has garnered some significant feats of arms: awarded at FIC 2020, recommended by FIDH , and now integrated into the Cybertask force…

But how does Olvid differ from its competitors: WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram or Signal? Unlike all of its competitors, its security model does not rely on a directory server. This innovative architecture eliminates the risk of corruption of said server or backdoor allowing intrusions and third-man attacks on your communications.
For my part, I immediately see from a professional point of view what is the usefulness of such a tool in many fields… It is true that this argument of reinforced security has difficulty convincing on a more personal use faced with the lack of acculturation of the population on this Cybersecurity theme, but some resounding cases concerning WhatsApp (LaLettre, 01Net), Telegram and other applications however give hope for awareness and could change the situation.

Olvid’s dynamic team (Thomas Baignères – CEO, , Matthieu Finiasz CTO, Jacques-André Bondy CMO, Cédric Sylvestre Business Dev) has a clear roadmap for the new features to come, key to confirm success and allow good growth .

In addition to the current (free) freemium version, there will be a premium application with the following calendar and features:
V1. Short-term roadmap for a first marketable version:
– encrypted backup solution in case of loss or change of telephone: mid-March
– Voice over IP: available from April-May in beta version to test
– Purchase in app on stores: June
The forecast price list for this release is as follows:

Type of acquisition Price HTModalities
Unityon Stores5€Per month/users
Small Teamuntil 10users max
30€Per month
Large Teamfrom 11 users
3.5€Per month/users

V2. Medium term roadmap:
In parallel, the following developments are launched: AD integration, stand alone server, web client, desktop version, multi-device synchronization …

In conclusion, I encourage you to carefully follow this Start-up which has many advantages, and as you may have guessed, I am an ‘early adopter’, and I encourage you to do the same, certainly for now you only have instant messaging, no frills but very functional. The dynamic team is working hard to provide you with the application that will be your “must have”

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