Open letter to Jean-Pierre Farandou boss of the SNCF

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Sir, I am writing to you on a subject that is close to my heart and for which the SNCF, a public company subsidized by our taxes, is acting with the greatest care regarding the protection of its customers’ personal data!

As a French company, you have made the conscious choice to switch your entire cloud infrastructure to AWS (Amazon), which is not compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a consequence of the Schremm2 ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

You cannot ignore that despite all the soothing speeches of the commercial actors of the American cloud, they are subject to the extraterritoriality of the American law, even if their servers are located in Europe.

The personal, banking and mobility data of French and European citizens using your services are now at the mercy of the American justice or intelligence services.

If you think that it doesn’t matter, I remind you of the Alstom affair, where the American justice system was able to arrest an important member of Alstom’s management with the successful objective of dismantling Alstom, admittedly with the complicity of members of the French government at the time.

I urge you to revise your ill-considered decision which endangers the national interests of France, in addition to making an American company benefit from the taxes of my compatriots!

I invite all my compatriots who are aware of the geostrategic stakes and the necessity to defend our industry but also the oil (the data) of the new industrial revolution that is the digital, source of our future development, to write to your DPO (Data Privacy Officer) whose email address is the following: , the following mail:

“Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby inform you that I refuse that any of my personal data goes through the AWS servers. Indeed, the use of the AWS cloud (subject to extra-territorial American laws) is not compliant with the RGPD and the invalidation of the Privacy Shield (SchremII ruling of the CJEU).

Thank you for telling me the procedure to follow for the next orders of tickets that could concern me or my son and/or my parents.

I remind you that you have one month to provide me with an answer, after which a complaint will be filed with the CNIL.


I look forward to your reply.”


In the hope that this letter will provoke a salutary reaction not only from the SNCF, but also from most of the big industrialists like Stellantis (still Amazon) which represents brands like Peugeot, Citroën, etc…


Kind regards.


Effisyn SDS

Emmanuel Mawet

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