The CCIs play against their own side!

For some time now, I’ve been wondering if in France, within the administration, the government or public organizations, there is even a hint of desire to serve the interests of French people, and more particularly of French digital entrepreneurs?

And there is reason to wonder when you see the way the CCI works!

« The CCIs are public establishments of the State … »

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) are public institutions of the State, administered by business leaders elected by their peers. Their mission is to represent the interests of industry, trade and services with public authorities and foreign authorities … Too bad they do it by promoting American digital tools and thus promote their hegemony

Within the framework of their mission, the CCI are in charge of helping entrepreneurs, and of proposing a number of services ranging from continuous training, to support on the knowledge of the markets or the digital transformation of the economy etc… Services that are so useful. Faced with the challenges of the digital transformation of our economy, it is necessary to offer training workshops and awareness of digital tools, whether on data storage, cybersecurity and / or digital marketing tools or online sales.

I was amazed to see this public organization promoting American digital tools!

cci google

And nobody is shocked! However, there is a lot to criticize. Indeed, encouraging small independent merchants to use Amazon or Google online stores is to encourage the plundering of their customers’ browsing data to be used by their competitors, which are the giants of online commerce … Worrying no, why not give Google or Amazon the keys to his store. We would like to make the independents disappear, that we would not do it differently!

« However, CCIs should be able to rely on local digital actors»

However, the CCI should be able to rely on local digital actors, to promote these entrepreneurs in order to consolidate a local and sustainable economic fabric. How can we accept to favor hegemonic American companies, which are less and less innovative and above all not respectful of our data, regulations, laws and culture?

Favoring local players means ensuring that social charges and taxes are paid in France! It is inadmissible when we have relevant players in France that we allow the American giants to destroy any emergence of a sovereign ecosystem. It is time for the CCIs to get closer to the initiatives of the French collective such as #PlayFranceDigital in order to choose French alternatives to run digital awareness workshops!

Isn’t it better for a craftsman looking for digital services to have a supplier within “slapshot” range than to be entangled with a large group for which the small one has no weight? Is it in the interest of the merchant to create an online sales section on American tools, where the data of his customers or prospects will be used to provide his competitors with targeted ads with promotional offers that will divert them from their choice? While there are French players who are not in this approach, like #smartrezo?

« Can we continue to lament the same effects, mass unemployment, deindustrialization and cherish the same causes by favoring the American economy»


One explanation is that these same CCIs are closely linked to our major business schools, where American giants are rampant and where the only vision of digital transformation professed is that of using American tools. These schools are supposed to teach marketing, not be a victim of it.

Let’s also mention the case of universities that continue to offer Office365 “free” to students via their tuition fees.

Is it right to continually saw off the branch on which we are sitting?

Can we continue to lament the same effects, mass unemployment, deindustrialization and cherish the same causes by favoring the American economy, American companies and American methodologies?

Isn’t it time to regain pride, particularly through our SMEs, which are often innovative and add value locally. Wouldn’t the digital industry, which aims to be environmentally responsible, also benefit from being more local, thus generating a virtuous cycle?

It’s time to get a grip on ourselves at all levels, digital sovereignty is not a withdrawal into ourselves, but the necessary willingness to offer different alternatives to all entrepreneurs and companies in order to best meet their business, regulatory, legal and geostrategic needs!



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