Editorial 1 – 15th October 22

Editorial of October 15, 22

It is despairing to note that the high officials of the French state, does not cease to decry the French digital actors. Already in April 2020, aberrant choices for the Health Data Hub, the platform of French health data as its name indicates, had led to the reaction of French digital actors, including the creation of the collective #playfrancedigital. Already at that time we heard the erroneous justification that French players did not have the capacity to provide the service… Had we even taken the time to make sure?

And once again, on October 8, the director of the #anssi, Guillaume Poupard, stated that the French players were not up to the task of #gafams and that was one of the reasons why we could not speak of absolute sovereignty but of trusted clouds… A rather direct way of burying any hope of sovereignty, especially for the cloud (La Tribune de 8 oct. 22).

However, I find this very strange, because while our civil servants continue to denigrate our digital players, strangely enough, the Americans do not seem to share this opinion, because they keep on shopping in our start-ups and VSEs! This is causing the loss of skills and patents to the detriment of the French economy!

It’s time to change the software, no!

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