Are the media and information actors on digital sovereignty disturbing?

This question is relevant and must be asked, and once again this question highlights the dangers of the dominant, not to say hegemonic, position of the American digital giants.

You will object that I am pushing the envelope a bit far, I will try to show you that it is not so. And what is done against us, can surely be done against other economic actors, whether they are digital or not.

What is the problem?

For those who follow my publications, you know that my videos and articles are published on my website or on

Let’s take the Google search engine and type « smartrezo »



On all the searches the information about the site comes out well, the information about the site itself. Now, if we look at the videos:



Seules deux vidéos sortent, mais ce sont des vidéos qui datent de plus d’un an…

Or après consultation auprès de Smartrezo, leur plateforme est visitée tous les jours par les « crawlers » (ces petits robots pour aller consulter les informations sur un site) qui normalement devraient indexer les nouveaux contenus… On en peut que constater que ce n’est pas le cas.

Si je reprends cet exemple des vidéos et que je fais la même recherche mais pour Effisyn SDS, là encore force est de constater que seules des vidéos de plus de 6 mois sortent



I don’t have the means to check if the Google crawlers visit my site, but I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t…

So why is it that our most recent video publications are not indexed?

It should be noted that any search engine using Google APIs like #Liloo produce the same results…

If we now look at Bing, the search engine of “Microsoft”, we have more or less the same problem, the videos found are all from 2021 or even older!



I don’t talk about Effisyn-SDS where nothing comes out neither in the videos nor in the news…

The problem is that all search engines using Bing APIs are facing the same problem! Qwant, despite its claims, remains a meta engine relying heavily on the Bing API. It seems even less efficient because it does not find the videos hosted on smartrezo but only two videos talking about smartrezo! and moreover uses the API of Youtube and Dailymotion for the videos (small question, but why would not it also use the API of smartrezo?)



We can however find in news, try to understand why, but there again only dated videos stand out …


And for Effisyn SDS, the result is even more pitiful! … These results do not surprise us considering the article and the interview done to talk about the Qwant case!



What does this mean?


It is difficult to have a fixed position, even if concordant clues lead us to think that our actions to promote French digital actors, and the animation of a sovereign media and social network platform is probably annoying…

As I already had the opportunity to express it, the United States, and thus the #gafam are leading an economic war and all the blows are allowed!

This little anecdote, which for many could only appear as an epiphenomenon, simply demonstrates the danger that the insolent and anti-competitive hegemony of the American digital giants represents!

The same question is asked of other Chinese or Russian search engines, which probably favor content originating from their zone of influence and aimed at their population.…


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