Open Source, an alternative for Digital Sovereignty

Open Source vs Closed Source? – Tableplus – Medium

Another way to build digital sovereignty is to also rely on open source solutions. There are a variety of technological bricks that allow you to build your information system independently of large software groups and not just Gafas.

Indeed, for obvious budgetary reasons, this can allow substantial savings on the acquisition and maintenance cost part. However, if this choice is made, it will become vital to invest in your internal resources, in order to have the necessary skills to build, maintain and develop your information system.

Some ideas for giving “free” references that can be used against the market leaders. These solutions are to be assessed against your needs and realistic:

  • Internet browsers: Firefox Mozilla to replace the best known such as: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Safari
  • Office Solutions: LibreOffice to replace Microsoft Office, or Thunderbird to replace Outlook.
  • Professional solutions:
    • Project-R as statistical processing software in place of SAS Institute
    • CremeCRM as a CRM solution instead of SalesForce
    • Dolibarr as an ERP solution instead of SAP




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