Digital Sovereignty: Open letter on conflicts of interest in the digital sector

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Open Letter
to Members of Parliament and Government
Conflicts of interest and digital sovereignty

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The relentless entry of American digital giants into our senior administration and political power circles is leading our country into historic perils including:
– Conflicts of interest
– The disrespect of the separation of powers
– A threat to employment
– The use of French people’s data without their informed consent
– A loss of geostrategic independence
Consequently we ask :
– That the proposal of a law on the transparency of the relations of interest between political personnel, state employees and digital industry be put on the agenda of the next parliamentary session.
– Or that in a more general way the existing law be modified (Loi sapin II and Loi sur la transparence de la vie publique)
We propose that these new measures are based on the provisions of the Health Transparency Law, they will integrate the following points:
– Creation of an institutional website: “Transparence Numérique
– The actors of the digital economy will have to inform the public and the authorities of any form of remuneration or advantages produced for the benefit of members of the administration, the parliament as well as the executive as a whole.
– These payments and benefits will be capped (or even prohibited?)
– The new legal framework will be accompanied by sanctions leading to potential criminal or civil proceedings, including compensation of 2 to 4% of the turnover of the organizations involved.
– For all members and employees of the state apparatus (executive and parliamentary), it will be made impossible to take up a position or provide services to a foreign company for a period of at least 5 years after the end of their mission for the French state.
We are ready to contribute to the elaboration and modification of the legal framework, which should be carried by the government and then supported during the debates in the National Assembly.
In the hope of a favorable and rapid response to this letter, please accept, Ladies and Gentlemen of the National Assembly and the Government, the expression of our highest consideration.



Emmanuel Mawet                   

Effisyn-SDS (Site d’information et défenseur de la Souveraineté Numérique réelle)

Co-signataires : Alain Garnier (Jamespot), Michel Lecomte (Smartrezo), Gaëlle Laborie (AssoTVlocale), David Fayon (Conseiller de F2R2 et de Titan Datacenter), Marc Olivier (HIAsecure), Frans-Imber-vier (UBcom), Raphaël Richard (Neodia), Raynald Waters (eMana), Michaël Ferrec (Inspeere), Henri Delattre (Global Smart Rescue), Eric Arbaretaz (Nation Data Center), Jean-Roch Cousinier (KloudIci)


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