Goodbye Uber !


I continue my withdrawal from American digital tools and platforms. For some of you, I’m sure it will seem excessive. However despite appearances, I have not yet been able to stop many American applications, because it must be recognized that all the alternatives do not necessarily offer the equivalent in terms of services rendered to users.
In this case, I try to mix my use, in order to allow these alternatives to grow and who one day knows how to have an even more successful service.

Why leave Uber?

We can indeed admire the innovative idea that led to the birth of Uber. It put customer satisfaction at the heart of the device for a cost for the user to master and above all with the convenience of paying via an application. This service was an advance over the service provided by conventional taxis.
However, a number of elements have come to question the model of this type of platform. In these elements, there is of course the way Uber treats VTC drivers using a link of subordination while avoiding, especially in France, his duties as an employer. On another note, his ability to organize his tax avoidance is a second concern for me. Admittedly, one can rightly consider that taxation is almost confiscatory in France, however each actor of the French economy, whether he is of French nationality or not, must contribute.
In addition, I remain skeptical about the use of our personal data collected by the application. Even if this fear and concern comes from the unknowing use of our data by other platforms.
The last element, and not the least, is that first of all, some taxi cabs (especially in the Paris region) have taken into account the change in their competitive environment. They have thus developed their own application allowing an ease of use of the increased taxi service fairly aligned with the Uber practice. We have also seen the emergence of new French and European VTC platforms, and therefore why continue to favor an American company?

Alternative offers.

Interestingly, there are several alternatives to using Uber. It is true that for some of them, their main geographic location is rather in the Paris region, but this was also the case for Uber.
Taxi G7 offers an application which allows you to order your taxi, its category for individuals: G7 Green, G7, G7 Van or G7 VIP, for professionals Business pass G7 or G7 The club, to follow your arrival and register your bank card so as not to have to pay in the taxi.
We have in VTC platforms, one of the European leaders Kapten, formerly “Chauffeur Privé”, founded in France, it joined the FreeNow alliance which includes notably BMW Group and Daimler Group. Easy application here too, and quality services, with the necessary equipment in these times of pandemics.
We also have the VTC Marcel, which claims to be a citizen VTC, and offers a 100% electric offer. I haven’t tested this service, so I can’t tell you more.
It is clear that I am not exhaustive in this article, but the aim was to make you aware of the existence of alternatives, which have their specificities and can meet your expectations.


In conclusion

Little by little I reduce my adhesion to Gafams and other actors of the American digital, I discover real credible and interesting alternatives on the side of French platforms, which is rather reassuring. There are many choices that allow us to avoid being in the grip of digital giants whether American or Chinese. In certain sectors, perhaps the quality will not always be up to our expectations, but why not start using them and try to make them take our expectations into account? Indeed, favoring our national actors means promoting jobs in France, having actors who pay their taxes in France and therefore allow the maintenance of our social system. It is also allowing the development of an ecosystem that promotes our economic vitality, which will benefit us all.

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