Digital Editorial – January 17th, 2023


Digital Editorial – January 17th, 2023

The year 2022 has seen the number of cyber attacks against hospitals multiply. The success of these attacks and the important impacts on the security of patients but also of their personal data have been reported. This shows the unpreparedness of large public institutions on these risks, indeed many communities have also suffered similar attacks with probably consequences, if they were very annoying, however, presented less direct risks on the health and lives of our fellow citizens.
This risk is also underestimated by a number of VSE / SME / SMI companies, but also craftsmen and self-employed, the energy crisis strangling them it is feared that for 2023 cybersecurity is the least of their worries. What means to implement, in order to protect them and this despite the very unfavorable economic environment?
This is a major issue for 2023! Fortunately, French cybersecurity actors have gathered in a collective called Hexatrust. It is important to follow their publications and to ask them for help adapted to your needs…


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